The 18 Worst Sports Franchises in History

Sports franchises have been a hot topic among people these days. Many of the shady and underhanded practices, as well as the conduct of various players, have taken center stage instead of the events themselves. Besides the internal issues that have been going on, there have also been many different franchise that have not lived up to par, given the time frame that they have been around. Below are 18 of the worst sports franchise that have existed.

New York Knicks


The New York Knicks are a franchise that has existed longer than the majority of other franchise that are out there.

Over the years, the Knicks have only managed to achieve a handful of championships and have gone through coaches faster than other sports franchises have.

This poor record of wins, has also been filled with scandals such as sexual harassment lawsuits.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars was a sports franchise that when it first came out, seemed to be extremely promising. During its early days it was viewed as one of the winning teams in football, but over the years, it has slipped into being one of the worst franchises in the NFL. The losses the team has experienced has come from poor player choices. Many of the players that showed promise either end up leaving the team or the coaches where not pushing the team for the consistency that is needed for a winning franchise.


San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres is a franchise that has been around for well over 40 years and never once won a championship. While they have made it to the World Series twice, they were never able to bring the trophy home. While they have some runs that where considered by many to be extremely good runs, these moments where ofton short lived as the team hasn’t been able to keep it together long enough for the wins they need to be taken over.



Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are viewed as being the most mediocre team that the NFL has going for it. One of the biggest things that have kept the Seahawks alive, has been their extremely loyal fan base. While they are not as old as some of the other franchises, they haven’t had the stats that put them the category of being either the worst or best teams out there. The stats that they have, put them squarely in the category of being an average team and nothing more.


Memphis Grizzlies

600px-Marc_Gasol_20131118_Clippers_v_Grizzles_(cropped)The Memphis Grizzlies is a team that not many people normally bring up when it comes to the NBA.

Like many of the other franchises on this list, the Grizzlies have never been able to win a championship game.

Many of the loses, that the team have faced haven’t been that close, but generally consist of a wide margin that has put them at odds with many of the players.

There was even a case when their top draft pick ended up refusing to play them regardless of the contract.


Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners is a team that throughout its entire history, has never been able to make it to the World Series. They have had a few good runs but have not been able to overcome the bad streak that has been with the franchise since it was first created. They have also landed dead last in their division more times than other teams that have been around for the same amount of time.


Montreal Expos

The Montreal Expos as a franchise, has a track record that is on the low side. During the many years that it has been around, it has only managed to make it to the championships twice and both times they ended up failing to take home a win. The bad luck that the Expos have faced are not just with their wins, but many teams hate playing at their stadium and the fan base has been on the decline for many years at this point.



Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals isn’t just a team that has had a rough track record, but it also a team that has been moved in an attempt to turn the franchise around. Originally from St. Louis, the Cardinals moved to Arizona in hopes that the change in home turf could turn the team around. The move did very little to help the franchise rise up and hasn’t made it to any championship rounds since 1982.



640px-RaptorsnuggetsThe Toronto Raptors is a team that seems like no one wants to play for.

Not only has this team not won a championship in its entire history, but it is also a team that has made the list of being the fifth worst team in the NBA.

For many who follow the Raptors, there seems to be a trend that whenever they end up with players that seem promising, they end up dropping the ball at the moments that count the most.


Tampa Bay Rays

370px-RaymondTampaBayDevilRaysMascotSeptember2007The Tampa Bay Rays is one of those teams that you rarly hear in conversation.

While they have been around for many years, they have never been able to bring home a championship nor create a record that is all that impressive.

Besides their terriable win streak, they have built up a bad reputation when it comes the treatment of their talent.

Many free agents who have played for the team didn’t see any payment for their games and their fan base has decreased to the point where it is one of the smallest in the game.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals is a team with a reputation of letting down their fans. No matter how strong they come out, it seems like it is only a matter of time before everything falls apart. Even if they manage to have a good season, it is never enough for them make it past the first round of the playoffs. This is also a team that has one of the highest records of playesr being arrested out of anyother team.


New York Mets

The New York Mets is a team that has exsited for a while and unlike other teams mentioned on this list, has managed to take home a couple of champinsips. They have even been reconized for being able to have one of the strongest seasons in the history of the game. This glory however is not a common occurrence for the franchise. There was a point that the franchise had lost so much money there was concern that the players where even going to get paid.


Sacramento Kings

622px-Omri_Casspi_3Sacramento Kings is one of the oldest teams to compete in the NBA.

There are only a handful teams that have the same lifespan that the Kings have.

While they have been around for generations, they haven’t been able to be considered a winning team.

Over their life span, they have managed to accumulate the most losses in the history of the game and have only managed to take home one championship.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have manage to win one championship and have been viewed as one of the toughest teams to play in the league, but have lost some of this reputation for the amount of losing streaks they have ended up having to deal. On average they end falling lower on the list of teams than other teams who have a similar life span. Their consecutive loss streak has made it so that other teams that are known for this problem have a hard time being compared to the Buccaneers.


Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers is a team that doesn’t seem to ever have luck on its side. The great players that they almost manage to get, almost always end up shooting them down at the last minute. The Cavaliers record has gotten so bad that it is now considered to be one of the worst track records that you are going to find in the NBA.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland just seems to not be able to catch a break with its franchises. The Indians is one of the oldest teams in the league, but it is well past its glory days. The last time the Indians have been able to bring home a championship trophy was in 1948. While they have been able to make it to the playoffs, they just haven’t been able to make it all the way to the end.


Detorit Lions

The Detroit Lions is one of the teams that is viewed as being historically bad. Their records have been less than impressive and they are considered to be one of the most inept franchises of the game. They are also known to have players that are not just bad, but comically bad as it has been observed in the 2011 season.


New York Jets

The Jets is one of those teams that seem to be slipping more and more each year. Besides having only one championship win on their record, this is one of the few franchises that had one of their most loyal fans quite because of the embarrassment of the team’s performance on the field. The strange thing about how terrible the Jets franchise is, comes from the fact that they have manage to score some of the better players in the NFL, but have never been able to carry it all the way.