The Top 15 Universities in Canada

15. Laval University – Quebec

Ranked number 15 is Laval University, one of Canada’s top universities and actually the oldest education establishment in Canada. I was also the first in North America to offer a full high education all in French. Located in the province of Quebec, Laval is known for their superior research funding and their prestigious science programs.

14. University of Victoria – British Columbia

Mostly known as UVic, this university provides a unique learning environment and has an incredible reputation for their research, co-op education and scholarship. Not only that, but UVic concentrates most of their efforts in creating an interdisciplinary education for its students. This is definitely a very well rounded university.


13. Dalhousie University – Nova Scotia

Dalhousie University located in the province of Nova Scotia, Halifax, is among the best universities in Canada and in the world. It is commonly known for their excellent quality of teaching and broad range of programs and research options. Plus, if you like to drink, Halifax has the most bars per-capita in Canada!


12. Simon Fraser University – British Columbia

Simon Fraser University was named after explorer Simon Fraser and founded in 1965. One of Canada’s leading universities and second-best university in the province of British Columbia. It holds 34,000 students in 3 different campuses. With a motto of “we are ready” Simon Fraser University has recently changed its tagline to “engaging the world” due to their extensive international student population.


11. University of Ottawa – Ontario

University of Ottawa is a bilingual public university located in Canada’s capital city. Both French and English are taught at this establishment offering a large selection of programs from 10 different faculties. This top university has 185,000 alumni and their athletic team is called the Gee-Gees.


10. University of Western Ontario – Ontario

Located in London Ontario, Western University is one of the top research universities in Canada and draws in students with wide-ranging worldviews seeking to lead in global communities. Students come from 117 different countries to study to this beautiful campus, due to their great involvements with the local communities and their volunteering programs. If you want to make a change, come to Western University.


9. Queens University – Ontario

If you are a studious person, then consider enrolling at Queen’s University, as it’s well known for their 24-hour learning experience. Established in 1841, being the first establishment to grant degrees in Ontario, this university has vast experience and as earned its good reputation in research, and social purpose.


8. University of Calgary – Alberta

Comprised of 14 different faculties and 85 research centers, University of Calgary is among the best in Canada and currently holds more than 30,000 students. With 155,000 alumni from 152 different countries, did you know that current PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, is among University of Calgary’s list of alumni among other important people?


7. University of Waterloo – Ontario

University of Waterloo, or also known as UWaterloo, is a public research university located in Ontario and has over 27,000 undergraduate students as well as 4,000 graduate ones coming from 140 different countries. UWaterloo, is also known as one of the best universities in Canada and if you are into sports, UW’s Waterloo Warriors are awesome. They are highly active in football, rugby, hockey, golf and basket.


6. McMaster University – Ontario

Located in Hamilton Ontario, McMaster University is ranked number 6 in Canada. They have very strong business, sciences, education and humanity research faculties. Not only that but McMaster is known to have a reputation of being the most innovative university in Canada. If you live in Ontario, McMaster is always a good idea.


5. University of Alberta – Alberta

University of Alberta is one of the top universities in Canada, and the reasons why are evident. It’s one of the world’s most important public research universities and has achieved distinction among various fields of study, such as sciences, business, creative arts, humanities, health sciences and engineering. With more than 100 years of experience and over 250,000 alumni, University of Alberta is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Canada.


4. Université de Montreal – Quebec

Oui oui, Université de Montreal is the biggest university in the province of Quebec and the second biggest in Canada. It has 13 faculties and offers more than 650 programs for both undergraduate and graduate. More than 55,000 students are currently enrolled at UdeM. This makes it the second largest university in Canada regarding enrollment. If you are looking to be part of something big, UdeM is your best bet.


3. University of British Columbia – British Columbia

If you are thinking of studying in the west coast of Canada, then you must know UBC is the place. University of British Columbia has an incredible campus with all the best resources a student would need in order to succeed. This university is very strong in research and innovation and will collaborate with professionals in all industries in order to apply new knowledge and practices to its curriculum. But besides the fact that UBC is a great university, the weather is so much better in this side of the country. Don’t think twice.


2. McGill University – Quebec

Located in downtown Montreal, at the bottom of Mount Royal, McGill is a highly competitive university, which offers more than 300 programs in various fields of studies. It is quite difficult to be admitted at McGill, its average admittance grade is the highest in the country and has a very prestigious alumni history such as 2 Canadian Prime Ministers, 12 Nobel Laureates, 28 Olympic winners, 9 Academy award winners among others. So if you have a high GPA…why go anywhere else?


1. University of Toronto – Ontario

University of Toronto, or commonly known as U of T, is ranked the number one university in Canada! Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, U of T is the place that gave origin to insulin and stem cell studies. Not only that, but nowadays U of T receives the most funding each year towards research. So if research and a prestigious education is what you are looking for, don’t look any further.