The Top 8 Places You Should Visit In Mexico (2017)

We’ve all heard the horror stories of murders of gang members in Mexico, yet you’ll be pleased to know that the majority of the country is unaffected. We’ve taken a look at the US State Department’s list of safe Mexican destinations and have compiled a list of some great destinations for you.

Here are some tips for travel:

Avoid any unsolicited sellers in airports and beach vendors.

Use bottled water and straws for soft drinks.

Don’t buy timeshares. They’re not usually worth as much as they’re offered at.

Beware of difficult waters when swimming.


Cancun is undoubtedly the best place to go in Mexico if you are looking for a vibrant and exciting beachside location with lots of bustling nightlife, including the tourist clubbing haven Coco Bongo where you can dance the night away with acrobats and live dancers. Drinks should be sipped via a straw to avoid the chance of getting a stomach bug courtesy of the local water. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll also enjoy spending time in Isla Mujeres where you can spot sea turtles and take a peek at the local aquarium.


The colonial city of Oaxaca can be found 5,000 feet above water and is home to lots of restaurants and markets in the historically significant area. Here you can visit the ancient ruins of Monte Alban pyramids, a focal point of one of the earliest sites of the Zapotec civilization. The city is also home to many museums, including the Museo Textil de Oaxaca which celebrates the clothing of the local area through the ages. A must for those who want to embrace the local civilization fully.


Tulum is the place of luxury and beautiful blue waters on the east coast of Mexico. It’s also home to some of the most well-preserved Mayan architecture in the West. Visitors to the area are also lucky enough to be amongst some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, including the huge 1.2 million-acre eco-park Sian Ka’an where it is possible to dive or snorkel, take a stroll in a stunning setting or get up close and personal with local wildlife.

Playa del Carmen

Not far from Tulum is Playa del Carmen, but the atmosphere couldn’t be more different. Where Tulum is a traditional beach resort with natural wonders, Playa del Carmen embraces European-style which would be more often seen in Nice or Barcelona. Unusual shops in La Quinta Avenida and perfect white beaches are habitually visited by a wealth of European expats content to live the simple life. The area also has many golf courses for those looking to improve their swing. Just try not to overexert yourself. It is a holiday after all.



Cozumel is a small island of just 250 sq. miles which has a bustling downtown scene with excellent shopping and live music. Many visitors to the island also embrace the local wildlife, with Stingray Beach providing a safe and lightweight version of scuba diving alongside stingray for all the family. Tourists are also likely to be found in the outdoor Chankanaab National Park which gives visitors the chance to encounter dolphins in a relaxing setting, ride a zip line or even take a trip to a tequila factory. After all, it is one of Mexico’s finest exports!


Zihuatanejo is one of the most chilled-out areas in the Mexican Riviera. Residents and tourists have little worries, instead focusing on the nicer things in life such as excellent food from one of the many local eateries, or embracing their inner water baby by diving or snorkeling at one of over 30 diving sites in the area. Zihuatanejo developed quickly, being little more than a sleepy fishing village until the 70’s before developing seemingly overnight. Despite the development, the area still holds many of its traditional values. Fish is still sold directly on the beach by village fishermen as it was many years ago.

San Miguel de Allende

If you’re looking for a mountainous colonial city with brightly colored properties and an off-the-beaten-track feel, then San Miguel de Allende is the area for you. Here you can find artisanal food, jewelry and craft items in the baroque style shops in the city’s winding cobbled streets. The art culture remains strong throughout the city’s museums. Many visitors pass through the doors of The Other Face of Mexico, a folk art gallery based in the city by American owners who have a collection of around 500 Mexican ceremony mass arranged in an unusual collection.  

Cabo San Lucas

If you want the best in Hollywood luxury, you need to get yourself to Cabo San Lucas where the rich and the famous are clamoring for a touch of indulgence in one of the city’s spas. There are stunning beaches here, but make sure that you check that it’s safe to swim. Some of the undercurrents in the area are deadly, particularly at Lover’s Beach. Visiting in the summertime is the best time to come to avoid the crowds of people in search of winter sun, but if you don’t mind traveling in busier times, December to March is the best time to take part in a spot of whale watching.