Things you never knew about the chin

The chin is not a body part we generally think about that much, and why would we? It doesn’t really seem to have much of a function, and it’s pretty generic. The truth is, we can’t all have an awesome chine like Bruce Campbell, or Jimmy Hill – most of our chins are simply pretty plain. But, it might surprise you to know that over the years, chins have courted controversy, particularly among researchers.

Yes, we have all heard talk of strong chins, or weak chins, usually in the context of boxing. But, in general, we tend to know a very limited amount when it comes to the chin. Experts have spent years studying chins, and what their purpose is, and we have come up with some of their findings. Here are some of the things you never knew about chins, as reported by experts.

Their purpose is up for debate

Many researchers and scientists have disagreed about the actual purpose of the chin. There is actually no fully accepted answer as to why we have one, and this is one of the great mysteries of the chin. Some theories speculate that the chin exists to help strengthen and protect the jaw when chewing, while others believe it is there to help with speech. Some even believe that the chin is used when determining the attractiveness of a potential mate. There is still plenty of research ongoing to determine the true purpose of the chin.

It is definitely essential for chewing

Chewing is such an important thing because it’s how we break down our food into digestible chunks. So, it’s actually pretty important to ensure that we aren’t putting too much pressure on our jaws when we chew. This is one of the key roles the chin plays in the body. Sure, it could be argued that the chin serves other purposes as well – but there’s no denying that the chin helps to buttress the jaw against the problems involved in chewing, and the general wear and tear the jaw would pick up.

Humans are the only animals with chins

We know that we share a lot of similarities with animals, but one of the main differences is the fact that we are the only animals who have chins. Elephants do have a body part similar to a chin, but it’s not actually a chin – more like a big lower lip. Humans are the only animals to have an actual bony protrusion, and it is thought to be one of the defining characteristics of our evolution as human beings.

As you can see, there are plenty of theories about why we have chins, and the purpose a chin serves, and many of them hold weight. Some people believe that chins are subconsciously linked to attraction, and thus crucial for finding a mate, while others believe they are simply where evolution stopped. Whatever the reasoning, it’s clear that we would look very strange without chins. So, in that sense, they are an important part of our biological makeup.