Top 10 Cheapest Airlines In The World

Plenty of people want to travel the world, but not everyone has the budget to be able to afford it. However, you don’t necessarily have to rob a bank in order to be able to fly around the world. In fact, there are plenty of budget airlines that will help you do it on the cheap. We have found the top 10 cheapest airlines in the world, to help you plan your budget trip.


Coming in at first place is Malaysian airline company, Firefly. The average price of a flight with these guys is just $44 which includes all of the applicable taxes and extras. Flying with Firefly is so cheap that you’d definitely have some spending money left over. However, if you’re going to fly with this airline then you’re going to be pretty limited in your choice of destinations. Currently they only fly to airports in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. If you’re looking for a connecting flight in any of these countries then it looks like Firefly may have something affordable that suits your needs. This airline only has a fleet of 18 planes as we speak, which is probably how they keep their costs so low for customers. After all, it can’t cost a lot to service just 18 planes!

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Next up on the list is a Mexican airline, VivaAeroBus. The average cost of a flight with this airline is just $69, but again they’re limited in their destinations. They do service pretty much every single airport in Mexico along with Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas and several Texas airports. Those who are flying into the US and need a connecting flight to Mexico will find VivaAeroBus to be the most cost effective airline. The same applies if you want to fly across some parts of the US and Mexico. You may find it interesting to learn that this airline is part-owned by one of the biggest low-cost carriers in the world, Ryanair. You may also see them on our list, but we’re not giving anything away just yet…

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Air Asia

Yet another Malaysian airline to make it onto the list; Air Asia has an average flight price of just $72. This could be because they have the lowest unit costs of any airline in the world and has quickly become one of the pioneers of low cost travel, according to The New York Times. You’ll be pleased to know that Air Asia also operates in quite a few more destinations than some of the others on our list. From Cambodia to Japan, you’ll find that most of Asia is covered by this airline – they even stop in Abu Dhabi and Australia. If you’re planning on traveling around Asia then chances are you’re going to want to book a flight with these guys. There’s no luxury onboard, but what do you expect when you’re paying so little to fly?! They have been voted as one of the best low-cost airlines in the world, however, so they can’t be that bad.



We’re heading over to India now, with the fourth largest airline in the country. SpiceJet covers 42 destinations, including 8 international cities, and a flight with them costs on average $76. This airline is fairly new in terms of operating time, having only been set up in 2005. During the first 5 years they only serviced airports in India, before being allowed to cover some international destinations in 2010. They now operate around 230 flights a day in between Indian cities and other international hotspots. Again, you may be limited when it comes to destination choices but these are a great airline for those looking to travel around India. If you don’t want to slum it on buses and trains, then booking a flight with SpiceJet may be your next best option – and still within your budget!



The only African airline to make it onto our list, FastJet operates flights throughout Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia. The average cost of a flight with this airline is just $77, which makes it easier (and cheaper) for people to fly across different African countries. Despite FastJet being a Tanzanian airline they are actually based at Gatwick Airport in London, which led to many people believing they were out to compete against EasyJet; another low cost airline. Turns out they weren’t interested in the European flights that EasyJet specialize in – they wanted to become a pan-African airline instead. It may have one of the smallest destination lists of any airline, but it is aiming to expand into other areas of Africa very soon. It won’t be long before FastJet becomes one of the biggest airlines in Africa, if their plans to expand go ahead.


Onur Air

This is the first of many Turkish airlines to make it onto the list – they must have a thing about low cost air transportation! Onur Air flights will set you back on average of $81 although their focus is mainly on domestic flights. If you’re from Turkey then you’re probably pretty lucky to have so many domestic airlines, offering low cost flight options. There are some destinations outside of Turkey that Onur Air fly too, however. Amsterdam, Odessa, Nicosia and some German cities are all on their list and prove very popular with those wanting a cheap flight to Europe. Although we’re sure they’re a great airline there was something even better we noticed about Onur Air as a company. Their slogan is “Fly Turkey, Fly!” Let’s just hope their planes can fly better than turkeys can, otherwise we think we’d rather pay a bit more and fly with someone else…



Here’s another Turkish airline (we told you there was going to be a few), only this time operating from the capital of Istanbul. The average price of a flight, including all of the relevant taxes, is just $91 which is mighty impressive for a European capital airline. Most of the flights operated by AtlastJet are domestic, but it does provide some services to destinations such as London, Paris, Russia, Iran and Iraq. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get from a top European city to Istanbul then this airline could be the one you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to visit one of the many Turkish holiday destinations at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure you don’t hop on the wrong plane and end up in Iraq. We’re not sure they’re very open to tourists right now.



Tigerair is an extremely popular low cost airline, situated in Singapore. It has won several awards for being one of the best low cost airlines in the world and it continues to set records with its low prices; the average cost of a flight with this airline is $91.50. Tigerair flies to 36 different destinations, within a radius of approximately 5 hours. Basically, anywhere you can get to from Singapore in 5 hours is likely to be on their list. That includes Perth in Australia, Phuket in Thailand, Bangalore in India and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, to name a few. Most people who travel around Asia will likely come into contact with this airline thanks to their low prices and good customer service. Although there has been some hefy competition in the area recently this airline have stated they’re going to continue operating within a 5 hour flying radius and not expand any further. We think it’s pretty admirable that they’re sticking to their original plan.


Pegasus Airlines

Yet another Turkish airline (last one, we promise). Pegasus used to be a charter airline that worked alongside Aer Lingus, but they have since gone their separate ways. They fly to 97 different destinations around the world, which is one of the biggest numbers on our list. In fact, it’s even bigger than the average price of a flight, which is just $94. The majority of Europe is covered by Pegasus airlines, so this is perfect for those who want to travel around Europe or enjoy a sunny holiday somewhere warm. You can also visit Israel, Egypt, Iran and United Arab Emirates by flying with Pegasus Airlines. The only drawback with these guys was the recent incident involving a Ukrainian bomber, who demanded to be flown to Sochi in Russia back in 2014. Luckily, the plane was diverted back to Istanbul where it landed safely.



One of the biggest and most well-known low cost airlines in the world is Ryanair, based in Dublin in Ireland. Flying to nearly 180 destinations all over the world you can grab yourself a ticket with this airline at around $95. No wonder it is the busiest airline in the whole of Europe! You can visit practically anywhere in Europe if you fly with Ryanair and it has been a popular airline choice for holidaymakers living in any of the European countries for quite some time. Ryanair also has a pretty clean accident and incidents record, which is impressive for an airline that undertakes so many flights at such a low cost. If you’re looking for a super cheap and super safe flight anywhere in Europe, then it could be Ryanair is the one for you.