These Are Top 10 Most Earning YouTubers

Set up by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and taken over by Google a year later, YouTube has managed not only to become a worldwide phenomenon, but to create many phenomena of its own over its almost 10 years of existence. Many such content creators that have decided to upload their videos so as to share them with the world are now watched and followed by an impressive number of internet users, not to mention that they earn impressive amounts of money every year.

YouTube analytics company SocialBlade has provided a range of income estimates for YouTube channels which reveals that the most popular channels make far over 1 million USD a year. The estimates are obtained by multiplying the number of daily views by a low CPM rate of 0.60 USD and a high CPM rate of 5 USD. However, this system operates based on the idea that all videos are monetized and does not differentiate between brand values or types of advertisements. Here are the top 10 most earning YouTubers as reflected by the statistics after subtracting the 45% share of the earnings which goes to Google. Even so, the numbers are high enough to tempt anyone to try living off of video shares. Please note that these are yearly income estimates only.

1. PewDiePie

According to SocialBlade, PewDiePie is the number one YouTuber at the present moment, his channel generating estimated yearly earnings between 2.1 and 17.2 million dollars and totaling over 30.5 million subscribers and almost 6 billion views.

PewDiePie is actually Felix Arvid Ulf Kyellberg, a Swedish vlogger whose videos target video game enthusiasts. PewDiePie lures his viewers with Let’s Play videos which provide highly entertaining presentations of various video games. Most of them are horror or action ones, so his viewers can also watch his reactions at various times during the game in progress. This approach has proved very inspired indeed, turning his channel into the most frequently accessed one on YouTube between August and November of last year.


Kyellberg is known to be very considerate when it comes to his online fan base. Not only does he refer to them very often and answers whatever questions they may ask in the comments section, but he actually formed a community where he refers to them as “bros”. And it seems his consideration has paid off, being one of the secrets lying at the basis of his notoriety with video games and therefore of his significant or rather impressive yearly earnings.

2. DisneyCollectorBR

According to the same analytics company, the YouTube channel for kids DisneyCollectorBR collects approximately 2.2 to 18.2 million dollars as a result of its exposure on YouTube. More precisely, this income results from the channel having over 2.2 million subscribers and having been accessed by over 3 billion viewers.

After thorough investigations, it was finally discovered that DisneyCollectorBR belongs to a 44-year-old Brazilian woman by the name of Vera Credidio. She thought of using her soothing voice to entertain children around the world and teach them to handle their toys on their own. Her videos present her playing with all sorts of Disney toys that are popular with young kids after unpacking and assembling them. Thus, the little ones get to learn how to do things on their own and have someone to play with at the same time.

The channel is also very useful to the parents, who are relieved from the effort of unpacking and assembling the toys they buy for their children. Moreover, they now have a soothing voice that can cam their children and keep them company while they toy around. Therefore, not only is the channel educational, but it also has two target audiences, which means twice the chances to earn big. And it does.

3. KatyPerryVEVO

YouTube has opened new doors for a lot of people we now identify as celebrities of our time, Canadian Justin Bieber probably being one of the most eloquent examples in this sense, his singing abilities being discovered by record executives through his YouTube channel. Now, Katy Perry has become an icon of YouTube herself, even though already knowing fame outside of the WorldWide Web, as the numbers associated with her channel show.

Although it only has an A score and not an A++ one, it serves to exemplify just how much power a wide fanbase can have. Ranked 14th by the number of subscribers with a total number a little over 1.3 million, KatyPerryVEVO generates an estimated yearly income of 1.5 to 12 million dollars and has collected over 3.9 billion views up to the present moment. Thus, the artist fits into the category of those YouTube performers mentioned earlier who earn over 1 million dollars on a monthly basis, respectively over 30,000 dollars a day as a result of their activity on their YouTube channel. And the numbers become even more impressive if we consider the fact that this channel is less than five years old, being created in December, 2009.

Katy Perry

4. TheDiamondMineCart

Daniel Middleton, aka TheDiamondMinecart, decided to share his passion for the famous game of Minecraft with other fellow gamers and it turns out his decision worked out very well for him. His YouTube channel is one of today’s top YouTube channels and manages to convert his passion into gold money, more precisely into 1.2 to 10.1 million dollars a year. Over 3.5 million people follow his activity on the channel and as far as the total number of views he has managed to collect goes, it exceeds the threshold of 1.2 billion. In fact, having uploaded over 650 videos on the channel, Daniel is deemed not only one of the most active YouTubers today, but also one of the fastest growing ones.

The videos include reviews of Minecraft mods Let’s Play series such as The Diamond Dimensions or Minecraft Xbox, as well as TDM vlogs or videos on Daniel’s meetings with his various characters. They also include videos of Daniel and his wife, Jemma, doing reviews of video games together, as she is also a vlogger sharing her passion for the game of Minecraft within an organized YouTube channel. Her channel is available as JemPlaysMC.

5. Vegetta777

We are already getting accustomed to video game enthusiasts uploading videos of reviews, demo games and so on and achieving great levels of success in the virtual world, so the fact that yet another one of the top 10 most productive YouTube channels belongs to a video games enthusiast comes as no surprise.

Vegetta777 also manages to convert its visitors into impressive numbers. To be exact, its over 1.3 billion viewers and over 6.8 million subscribers lie at the basis of an estimated yearly income that ranges between 1.1 and 9.2 million dollars.

This YouTube channel is owned by Samuel de Luque, a Spanish video gamer who also shares his knowledge of the game of Minecraft, as well as that of two other popular video games, namely Saint’s Row and Battlefield. He sets himself and his channel apart by creating narratives, as well as backgrounds for his video game characters in order to make the videos and the video games appear more “epic” or movie-like.

Visitors of Samuel’s YouTube channel will also learn that he often partners up with other vloggers like TheWillyRex or other Spanish-speaking fellow video gaming channel owners to provide new material for his followers, the majority of whom are Spanish or Latin Americans.

6. DisneyCarToys

The next title on the list of high revenue generating channels is DisneyCarToys, another YouTube channel for young kids which manages to combine the fun of playing with kids and toys with financial relaxation, as the number show. The estimate amounts provided by the analytics company SocialBlade are 1 million dollars per year in the lower limit and 8.3 million dollars per year in the upper limit. Also, the company’s statistical data indicates this toy channel has been accessed by a total number of over 928 million visitors so far and receives the regular visits of over 2.1 million subscribers to the channel.

DisneyCarToys is created as an ideal playground partner for young kids who are now discovering the world of Lightning McQueen, the Muppets, the Disney Pixar Cars or Planes. Created out of a desire to share a four-year-old son’s fun encounters with the famous cartoon characters, this YouTube channel encourages young kids and their parents to discover new ways to play with the popular toy characters that are part of these collections. Therefore, it provides a variety of engaging videos based on games or role plays, as well as reviews of many of these toys.


7. MashaMedvedTV

MashaMedvedTV proves once again that YouTube provides young kids with a lot of choices when it comes to entertainment while also providing the owners of YouTube channels with a lot of reasons for satisfaction. Masha and the Bear can also be encountered among the most productive of today’s YouTube channels, generating as little as 938,000 dollars and as much as 7.8 million dollars a year, according to the data provided by the same SocialBlade. Up to the present moment, it has lured over 1.7 million subscribers who access it on a regular basis and has been visited over 1.2 billion times.

The YouTube channel Masha and the Bear, or MashaMedvedTV by its original title, is dedicated to the Russian animated series for children with the same title and invites young children to embark on an exciting and amusing adventure. This children’s series created by Oleg Kuzovkov follows the adventures of a little mischievous girl called Masha and a bear that used to perform in the circus arena. It runs over a number of 45 episodes, each episode with a running time of approximately 7 minutes, and was broadcast on television for the first time on January, 7, 2009.

8. TheFineBros

This YouTube channel definitely does justice to its title for it has proved to be a fine one. The yearly incomes it generates prove it and so do the numbers of subscribers and viewers analyses indicate. According to the same SocialBlade, TheFineBros produces between 809,500 and 6.7 million dollars a year, welcomes over 9.9 million subscribers regularly and has welcomed a total number of over 2.1 billion visitors so far.

As the title of the channel suggests, TheFineBros was created by two brothers, Benny and Rafi Fine, who have made a name for themselves by writing, directing and produces a video series which would prove hugely popular, namely the React video series, with its Kids, Teens, Elders and YouTubers iterations. The success of their YouTube channel is due to the original idea of showing people all sorts of viral videos and capturing their reactions on camera. Not only has this idea proved to be very inspired with internet users worldwide but it has attracted sponsorship from major names in the industry like Comedy Central and Ford. Of course, this kind of appreciation has weighed a lot in their future success and consolidated their position among the elite of YouTube content creators.

9. BluCollection

There is certainly nothing to be blue about when it comes to this YouTube channel for its success is measured in millions of dollars every year. According to the charts, its owner earns between 801,600 and 6.6 million dollars a year in return for administrating it and sprucing it up for its 1 million subscribers and over 19 billion visitors so far.

Similarly to the DisneyCollectorBR channel mentioned earlier, BluCollection focuses on kids’ toys and posts videos of characters from various children’s games, cartoons and animations such as Cars, Frozen, Angry Birds or Despicable Me to name a few being unpacked and assembled before they get to be used for entertainment. These are also joined by a collection of educational videos for kids of different ages which include nursery rhymes and many more.

BluCollection was long wrapped in the same veil of secrecy as its twin YouTube channel, DisneyCollectorBR. After quite a few attempts at discovering who owns the highly successful YouTube channels for children, it was finally revealed that the two owners are actually husband and wife. Indeed, DisneyCollectorBR was created by Vera Credidio, whereas the BluCollection YouTube channel was created by her 43-year-old husband, Messias Credidio.

10. Smosh

Last but not least, based on the estimates generated by SocialBlade, our list of top 10 most earning YouTubers directs us to Smosh, a popular YouTube channel which features with an estimated yearly income range of 620,000 to 5.2 million dollars. These sums are generated by the activity of the channel’s over 18.8 million subscribers and the over 3.6 billion visitors it has had so far.

Smosh belongs to or rather is made of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, two talented people who started their YouTube careers back in 2005 with a Pokemon lip-sync which proved highly successful with its over 27 million views and led to a variety of other lip-syncs on theme songs and hits. However, the video caused some copyright disputes with the Pokemon Company, which removed it from the web in 2010.

Determined to provide diversity for their viewers for a change, Padilla and Hecox took to writing skits and from “Food Battle”, the hit series of their early days, to parodies of pop culture and video games, achieved constant success over the years. And they made the best of it. They set up another seven YouTube channels and created their own application. Moreover, they started a set of negotiations for airing some of their comedy pieces on TV.Smosh

Well, here they are. The top 10 most earning YouTubers today, their recipes for success and the proof that money can also be made in a fun and relaxing way.  All it takes is the right idea.