Top 13 Most Entrepreneurial Cities In The World

One of the biggest tricks to being a successful entrepreneurial is making sure that you are located in a spot that is going to allow for your business ideas to fully grow. Some places, while they might look nice, just don’t have the right opportunities that entrepreneurs are looking for. Below are 13 of the most entrepreneurial cities that currently exist in the world.


Boston doesn’t just play home to some of the most well respected colleges in the world, but it also plays to a high level of start-ups. A good portion of the start-ups that you are going to find in Boston are going to be tech related, with the city being home many different advancements in the robotics field.

Boston Startups


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has developed a reputation for being the Start-up capital of the world. Both investors and future business owners, have made Tel Aviv their home. The entrepreneurial scene is one of the fastest growing in the world. Tel Aviv has one of the highest success rates for start-ups in the world.


London is considered by many, to have the fastest growing technology scenes in Europe.  London attracts a high level of investors from companies such as Google. The cities technology fields have allowed for many entrepreneurs to create unique businesses that are not just cutting edge, but have also pushed the boundaries of the types of products and services that can be offered by a tech company.




Bangalore, located in Southern India, has seen many benefits from the out-source boom that has been occurring over the last 10 years. Over the last few years, Bangalore has been seeing an increase in new start-ups that have been aiming at focusing growing the local economy through technology means. Bangalore is where companies such as Zoho got their start.



Shenzhen, on mainland China, is home to one of the densest population of small businesses that you are going to find in the world. While this is a city that was viewed as an underdog in the start-up scene, it has managed to establish itself as the ideal location for both business owners and investors. Electronics is the field that made many take notice of this city of 10 million.




Sydney has been seeing a boom in its start-up technology scene. The high level of successful start-ups hasn’t just allow for the technology sector to flourish, but as also allowed for unique business opportunities in different fields to open up as well. Sydney is also a city that has a strong network of young entrepreneur that makes it easy to develop long term partner ships.




Vancouver has a high population of small start-ups that have been successful. Many of the start-ups that have been created have been related to the technology field. The success rate for start-ups isn’t the only reason that many entrepreneurs have been attracted to this Canadian city, Vancouver has also been praised as for being on the greenest and livable cities in the world.




Berlin is a unique city to set-up a start up in. While the city doesn’t have the largest of start-up scenes, it has been growing and has allowed for entrepreneurs to have incredible success by using unique methods. Berlin is a city that is flush with a counter-culture attitude that can help make it easier for companies to develop their own unique methods of making their products or offering their services.




Moscow has been a hub for business ever since the fall of the iron curtain. While it is true the city saw a few rough points during its transition, today it has become an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to create a new company. Not only does this city encourage business growth, but there are many seminars that you can catch about the best way to grow your brand in Russia and the world.




Paris is a city that offers plenty of opportunity to the entrepreneur who is looking to branch out into a few different businesses. While the economy of France has been something that has had some critics worried, Paris has been seeing a boom in technology, the food scene and its theatre businesses.



Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo has the unique advantage for start-ups because it is where the majority of the commerce that is done in Brazil happens. With the amount of business that is already done in this city, the start-up scene has been growing at an extremely fast rate.




Santiago has been actively looking to attract entrepreneurs in the technology field. There have been many programs set up by the government to help create an environment that will allow for start-ups to grow and become successful. Chile hopes that being giving individuals who have the entrepreneurial spirit a helping hand, they can establish themselves on the global tech market.




This small city has grown into being one of the most successful entrepreneurial hubs that you are going to find in the world. The liberal immigration policies, when it comes to skilled workers, as made the perfect environment for talented individuals to come together and create the perfect environment for innovation to occur.