Top 15 Cities for Rich People

When you are looking for place to live, chances are you are going to be searching for a place that is going to give you the highest quality of living that your income can afford. For some people, being able to live in a top notch neighborhood is something that they are going to have work for, while others are going to be able to have their picking of any place that they want. Below are the top 15 cities for rich people to live in.


15. New York City

New York City has been one of the beacons of success for many generations. There are numerous finical and business institutes that turn this city into one of the wealthiest parts of the United States. With this success has also come some of the most expensive rents that you are going to find anywhere in the country. The cost of living is going to vary depending on the part of the city that you are looking at, but if you are making over 140k a year, you are going to find that very few places are going to be as enthralling as New York City is.

14. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of those cities that share a similar reputation as New York does. While the cost of living here is lower than in some of the other places, it is still a place that if you want to have the best living conditions, you are going to have to be on the richer side. If you are making over 100k a year, you are going to find that the city of Los Angeles is perfect for you. This will give you the ability to set up your home in a nice location while also being able to experience the unique night life that exists within this city.

13. Austin

Austin is a city that has been seeing some great progress over the last few years. The increasing job market has allowed for numerous business’s to sprout up and is reinforced by the fact that Texas plays home to the highest concentration of 501k companies in the United States. If you are looking for a place that caters more to the upper class crowd, Austin is one of the prime places to call home. If you have an income of 150k or more, you can experience everything that this city has to offer in a very comfortable fashion.

12. San Diego

The state of California is well known for having a robust technology industry. With this increase in successful businesses, many parts of the sates have been seeing the value of their cities increasing and with this increase has also come living arrangements and entertainment that end up being catered more towards the richer crowd.  Living comfortably in this city is aimed towards people who have an annual income of around 100k a year. This is enough to enjoy everything that this great city has to offer, while also being able to cover one’s own living expenses.

11. Washington D.C

Washington D.C. is a city that is the power seat of the United States. Many of the main government agencies are located here and the city has one of the oldest histories of cities in the country. While you can spend the day exploring the unique land marks that exist here, being able to call it home and to have the ability to enjoy everything that this city can offer, is more geared towards people on the higher end of the finical spectrum. D.C. is aimed towards individuals who make over 100k a year.

10. San Francisco

San Francisco has seen its land scape change many times of the years. During 60s and 70s, this city was widely associated with the counter culture and people who were looking to live more off of the grid. The growing technology industry that has pushed California in a new direction, has changed the nature of this city a lot. Today it is becoming a place that is becoming ideal for anyone who make a decent amount of money every year. The city offers great places to live and unique scenes that are diverse enough to cater to anyone’s taste. In order to live comfortably and to have the ability to fully enjoy everything San Francisco has to offer, you are going to need to have an annual salary of over 120k a year.

9. San Jose

Like San Francisco and San Diego, San Jose has been seeing a change in its landscape thanks to the growing technology industry. Many tech companies have been using San Jose to set up their main offices. With this trend, the city has been attracting many wealthy individuals and this has not only raised the cost of living, but it has also pushed for the development of industries that cater to this new type of resident that is taking over the landscape. To be able to live and enjoy this city, you are going to need to be averaging around 120k a year, like you would n San Francisco.

8. Boston

Boston has a rich history and one of the strongest technology based industries that you are going to find anywhere in the United States. This is in part of the amount of colleges like MIT that exist within the city. Boston also has many other industries that have been thriving in part thanks to the international harbor and airport that call this city home. For many people who call Boston home, they tend to make at least 100k a year. This is enough to find a nice place to call home while also being able to enjoy the rich and diverse night life that exists within the city. There are also many streets that are filled with shops and restaurants that are geared towards catering to this income bracket.

7. Seattle

Seattle s a city that plays home to some of the richest people in the world, such as Bill Gates. This is also the home of some of the most successful companies in the world like Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. In polls, it was found that many people who are featured on the Forbes’s all time richest Americans, make this city their home. With its centralized location and high density of successful company, this is one of the best places for anyone looking to not only live a wealthier life, but it is also evolved to suit the tastes of the upper class who have called this place home.

6. Miami

Miami is a very unique city. It is both a mixture of various cultures and also plays home as the headquarters for a wide variety of successful companies. The great weather that exists throughout most of the year, combined with the tropic landscape make this a place that many people like to call home. Over the years Miami has grown into one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Many famous billionaires, such as Donald Trump, own homes and property here. The average net worth of individuals here is much higher than that of people found in similar sized cities. The city has also evolved to meet the demand that this higher wealth cliental are looking for.

5. Paris

Paris is a city that is rich with history and has also been able to develop its own infrastructure. When many people visit Paris for the first time, one of the things that they tend to learn very quickly is that the city is very expensive to both visit and live in. While Paris might not be the most expensive city, it is high on that list. Many people who call Paris home tend to work in industries such as banking, technology and commerce. If you are looking for a place the is geared towards those with a wealthy bank account that can also provide the entertainment and opportunities that are unique to that group, Paris might be just the place that you are looking for.

4. Berlin

Germany has been viewed as a country that has been pioneers in the field of technology and innovation. Berlin plays home to some of the most successful global companies in a diverse amount of fields. This is also a city that is geared towards a wealthier cliental as it sees businessmen and woman from all over the world looking to visit or live within the city. Berlin is a city that has something for everyone, but those who are rich, it has everything that you could want including access to some of the best airports for international travel.

3. London

London plays home to some of the highest concentration of banking institutes in the world. Like New York City, London has its own stock exchange that handles much of the investments that occur in Europe. This city has also developed in the UK’s economic hub when it comes to trade and similar business ventures. The city itself can be on the costly side to live in but has numerous options for professionals who might be looking to move to a place that will not only be able to provide the perfect living location, but it also will give you the ability to experience some of the world’s finest dinning and to experience the world renown night life.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a unique history when compared to the rest of China. It was used for generations as England’s economic base for its invested interests. This reputation that the city has developed is still in existence today, despite the UK handing this city and territory back to the Chinese. With the massive economic and modernization that China has been doing with its infrastructure, Hong Kong has found itself at the center of this economic effort. Many finical institutes and business headquarters are located here. This has been a sort of modern day gold rush for bankers and investors as well. High end housing exists for the wealthier class that allows for all of the modern comforts one could hope for. There is also a world of opportunity as well entertainment that has been catered for the tastes that exist with the richer in society.


Dubai is a city unlike any other. This massive project has become something that has appealed to the super rich throughout the world. The man-made islands, massive buildings and the opportunity that exists for those who can afford it, have turned this once barren patch of desert into a modern marvel. Many of the apartment buildings that exist come with unique fixtures such as glass pools stories above the city or you can find yourself with a view that is above the cloud line. With the success that the city has been seeing, its boarders have been growing as the super-rich keep moving in and expanding this metropolis. With all of the wonder that exists with this city it comes with a pretty high price tag. This is a place that only the super wealthy in the world can afford to live at.