Top 20 Colleges For Athletic People

Athletics are a huge part of the college experience. Many students take great pride in their teams and athletes. While the majority of colleges that you are going to attend are going to have some kind of athletic program available, there are some schools that cater to the more athletic crowd than others. To be a top athlete requires years of training and dedication to achieve that tier and as such, you might be looking for a school that is going to allow for you to make the most of the years you have put into your sport.

The schools on this list are some of the ones that invest the most in their sports programs and are also the schools that have been on numerous lifts for both their talent and win records. While sports might one of the biggest aspects of picking the college, not every school is going to invest the same amount into their sports programs. Some schools have just built up such a strong reputation over the years that they have become more known for their sports teams than their academics.


20. University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is well known for having one of the best sports programs in the country. Each year their teams are always making waves as their athletes show impressive skills in each of their matches. For students who are looking to go far in their sporting career, the University of Kentucky has plenty of programs with the right funding to help you gain a foothold no matter what sport you might want to play.

19. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia has one of the most respected sports programs out of any college in the country. While they might have some of the most controversial teams in their divisions, this doesn’t stop an endless amount of students looking to play for this school. They invest heavily in their programs and go out of their way to ensure that their players have what they need to rise above the rest.

18. University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee is one of those schools that almost everyone mentions when the conversation of raw college talent comes up. Over the years, their sports program has grown and has incorporated some of the best facilities that you are going to find at any college. While they might be known for their great programs, over the last few years, the school has seen a decrease in its sporting programs.

17. Florida State University

While football is the sport that is generally associated with Florida State University, the school does have a robust sporting program and they are almost always actively recruiting raw talent to join their ranks. Like the University of Georgia, Florida State University is also well known for controversies that surround some of its players.

16. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University has made its mark with both the players that it has housed as well as a long list of famous alumni that have passed through this respected school’s halls. Even with the long list of successful graduates that have left this school, its sport’s program is one of the best respected programs in the country. Each year the school produces players that catch the attention of the major leagues and is actively involved in providing its athletes with some of the more advanced facilities in the country.

15. University of Louisville

Louisville has a long history when it comes to sports. While baseball might be the sport most associated with this city, the University of Louisville has an impressive track record with its sporting teams. In 2013 the school had an iconic win against Florida State and while they have slipped in some polls, they still rank as one of the most sought after sports programs in the field of college sports.

14. Duke University

Duke University has been associated with sports for almost as long as the school has been in existence. From football to basketball, there is almost always attention in their direction when it comes to the players that they recruit. Many of the students who play for Duke go on to have successful careers and have a high chance of catching the attention of a scout.

13. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a school that seems to have a split decision when it comes to their sporting department. For many critics, they feel that this school has earned more hype than it has earned, but for many others, this school has brought out some of the most impressive athletes to grace any of the games.

12. University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma has had a consistent team over the years that have received praise on numerous occasions for the talent that they are able to bring to the field. The robust sporting program offers athletes the unique ability to train using some of the more sought after training facilities out of any other university in the country.

11. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is most recognized by its school mascot, the Spartan. This also reflects the kind of dedication that you see from their players. The programs that are used at this school are some of the more highly praised programs in any sporting program. The talent that is normally recruited by this school tend to play their games in an impressive fashion.

10. University of Oregon

The program that you are going to find at the University of Oregon, is sought after by many players for the high level of professionalism that exists at this school. Many athletes who attend this school end up getting more experience out of playing at this school than they would at other similar sized universities.

9. University of Alabama

The football program at the University of Alabama, for many years has been one of the most respected football programs in the country. For years, this school has been able to produce athletes that have not only raised the bar on what you can expect the game, but they have also forged a very effective sports programs that will allow for you to push your game to a new level.

8. University of Notre Dame

The fighting Irish is more than likely the first thing that is going to pop into your head when someone mentions this school. The football program that you are going to find at Notre Dame has been one of the most respect sports programs to exist at any school. When you enter in this schools sport’s programs, you are joining a long tradition of grade A athletes.

7. University of California

The University of California is one of the schools that has been trying to maintain a sports program that is up to the modern times. The teams that have come from this university have been some of the more sought after players in their respected sports. Today, the school actively recruits raw talent to help increase its prestige level when it comes to its sports teams.

6. Stanford University

When it comes to sports programs, very few schools end up catching as much praise as Stanford does. Their sports program has been the template for many other universities who have been aiming at increasing their sports programs efficiency. This level of dedication that is found with their programs reflects in their teams as they seem to almost also produce top tier teams.

5. University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is most known for their football team. Each year, legions of dedicated fans take to the stadiums to watch their team maintain their top spot when it comes to the game of football. Their sports program is a source of pride for many and as such, it receives a good deal more funding than other similar sized university programs do.

4. Boston University

Boston University is well known for many different fields including the realm of sports. The teams that come out of BU are some of the better respected teams in their divisions and they also have been the eyed by many scouts looking to recruit the best athletes in the country for the bigger leagues. The sports program at BU receives a high level of funding and has been seeing growth over the last few years.

3. University of Michigan

The sports program at the University of Michigan provides up and coming athletes with everything that they are going to need to just train, but to also maintain their performance levels even during the off seasons. This is one of the schools that everyone always has their eye on. The players that this school adds to their roster are some of the favorites for talent scouts throughout the country. Many potential students apply to enter into the sports program that exist at this school.

2. Ohio State University

Ohio State University tends to be one of the schools that is almost always on the list of schools to watch during seasons. Their sports program has allowed for the school to produce winning teams while also being able to include a list of successful alumni who took part in their sports program. If you are looking for a great program that might take a little more work to get into, Ohio State University is the ideal choice for you.

University of Florida

University of Florida is one of the most famous schools when it comes to their football and sports program. While there is a long list of people who might show contempt for their teams, the results speak for themselves. Almost every year, the University of Florida ends up dominating the charts for both wins and players to watch. Like other schools on this list, this also one school that recruiters like to visit for the raw talent that they attract.

These schools are some of the best that you are going to find in the country. Over the years, these Universities have invested in making sure their sports programs don’t just have the best equipment for their athletes, but that they are also able to invest in the right trainers to make sure that their athletes are able to go over the edge with their performance. The investments that these schools have made in their sporting teams is one of the big reasons why they are the ones that many people generally talk about when it comes to the world of college sports. With the ability to gain a scholarship for the skill that you have with the sport of your choice, getting into one of these schools will provide you with the extra benefits that come from having a rich sporting history woven into the school.