24 Hot Startups To Work For In The USA

Eric Ries

Startup companies are some of the best to work for, as you can be involved from the beginning and watch the business grow. The new business economy is growing rapidly in the US, as dozens of new startups are aiming to become ‘the next big thing’ of the future. If you’re looking at securing yourself a job within a US startup then you’re going to love this list. We’ve found 30 of the hottest startups that are currently hiring, in the US. Get your resumes at the ready!

1. Picsell

This startup  in New York has taken something millions of people do on a daily basis, and made it easier. The principle is simple; you take three pictures of items you want to sell, Picsell offer you a price within 24 hours, they then sell the item through online stores (such as Amazon and eBay), the customer then uses a pre-paid shipping label to send their sold item to the customer. This is a really clever idea and we can see this taking off in a big way, so it’s definitely a good time to go and work for this company. They’re currently looking for an e-commerce manager.


2. HourlyNerd

This is another great tech startup, that has taken something people use on a regular basis and made it easier. All a client has to do is post their project, looking for consultants for their business. They then get tailored proposals from consultants, before accepting one and letting them get to work. The whole project can be managed online, using highly experienced consultants from around the US. HourlyNerd are currently looking for a Business Development Associate in Boston, that can help build up their client and consultant base. If you have a Bachelors Degree and a track record in sales, then this is the job for you.


3. Neural Analytics

If you want to work for a startup that’s making a huge difference in the world, then apply for a job at Neural Analytics in Los Angeles. They’re working on a product aiming to simplify brain injury diagnosis, which will in turn reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. They’re currently building a world class team of engineers, clinicians and scientists to help them achieve their goals. They offer a fast-paced and exciting environment (there’s also a hint of regular paint-balling trips). They’re currently looking for data scientists, along with a part time ultrasound technician for which no experience is necessary.

4. RueBaRue

This startup company is so new that we barely know anything about them, other than they’re something to do with travel and their based in Boston. What we do know is that they’ve already managed to create a buzz about them, which can only be a good thing. They’re due to launch any day now in Fall 2014, so keep your eyes peeled. They’re also currently looking for an iOS developer, to help them design and create a new iOS app. If you’re an iOS developer, living in Boston, then check out RueBaRue and tell us what it’s all about!

5. BiddingForGood

Here’s another startup that has big plans to change the world, based in Cambridge, MA. This unique online auction platform connects fundraisers with socially responsible businesses and shoppers who want to raise money for good causes. Buyers can help non-profits and schools raise funds, by buying items through the BiddingForGood website; it’s a clever idea that will help causes raise the money they need. They’re currently looking for an outbound sales representative, which is the perfect opportunity for a recent graduate. They’re offering competitive packages with plenty of benefits and uncapped commission, so send your resume over and do some good!

6. Reserve

We’re back to technology companies with this startup in New York, who are currently looking for a Restaurant Operations and Account Manager. Reserve is a digital concierge service which aims to make dining experiences better for both diners and restaurants. This small team has already made huge waves in the tech world, with investment from companies such as Google Ventures and First Round Capital (to name a few). If you think you can build relationships with restaurant partners, whilst managing new accounts, then you simply must apply for this job. The salary and benefits package is rather appetizing, too.

7. Codility

This clever startup was created almost by accident, when the founder needed a way of whittling down coder applications for a company he worked for. He created a tool that would help test the skills of coders, which he then realized could be used on a much bigger scale. Codility was born and has since been used by over 1,200 companies looking to hire and test coders. They’re now looking to expand even further, by hiring marketing leads, account executives, engineers and support specialists to name a few. Their offices even have hammocks and a (toy) helicopter. Yes please!

8. Niche

Niche are a fast growing startup, who have their fingers in quite a lot of pies. They’re currently looking to expand their team for the website they own; College Prowler. This site combines hundreds of millions of reviews, data points and opinions on schools, colleges and neighborhoods around the US, so that people can make more informed choices on their education. They’re currently looking for product managers, a web developer, a director of user research and director of sales, for their office in Pittsburgh. These are excellent opportunities for those looking for a job in an up and coming startup company.

9. NatureBox

Changing the way people think about healthy food, NatureBox is a startup which is set to grow exponentially over the next few months and years. Customers pay a fee to have delicious, easy and healthy snacks delivered to their door on a weekly basis. This business model is already huge in Europe, with another company, so is bound to be a huge success in the US. Customers can either choose their snacks or opt for a surprise; knowing they’ll be snacking healthily instead of on junk food. This startup is currently looking for a Corporate Sales Associate to work with them in San Carlos, California.

10. Smarthinking

Smarthinking.com, owned by Pearson, is an extremely intelligent startup that provides online tutoring to people across the US. They only hire the very best of online tutors, across secondary and higher education levels. They provide on-demand student support that is research based and proven, in order to increase student retention and persistence. They’re currently looking for tutors to cover a wide range of subjects, from Accounting to Writing; employees work from home, with flexible hours, meaning this opportunity is perfect for remote workers and stay-at-home parents. They do ask that you have the relevant qualifications however, so check the requirements before applying.

11. LumaSense Technologies

This startup is less than 10 years old, but has already become one of the biggest science and technology companies in it’s field. They focus solely on reducing inefficiency and preventable waste, across industries that are the most resource-intensive. This company is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and make for more efficient industries, using new technologies. If you have a passion for technology and want to work for an equally passionate startup, then these are your go-to guys. There have dozens of jobs available currently, from developers and engineers, to sales order processors and senior buyers, all in California.

12. Legacy.com

If you fancy a job for a media startup, then Legacy.com have plenty of new opportunities they’re currently recruiting for. This website has come on in leaps and bounds as of late, with over 27 million unique views per month; they’re also in the Top 50 US Domains, as measured by Quantcast. They’re currently looking for a Content Producer, Content Screener, E-commerce Business Analyst, Graphic Designer, and Art Director, to work in their Evanston offices. Their salary and benefits package is one of the best we’ve seen, from any startup in the US. They even provide tea, soda and snacks!

13. Allconnect

You’ll find many of these startups are looking to make peoples’ life easier, such as this rapidly growing technology company. All connect makes it easy for people to compare prices of TV, internet and phone prices from companies around the US. All customers need to do is enter their ZIP code, before being given the best deals available in their area. It’s also free to use and get quotes from, making All connect one busy website. They currently have 6 job roles available, based in Houston Texas; from sales to help desk analysts, and even a web developer. Check them out and send over your resume right away.

14. Prosper

Prosper, another startup based in San Francisco, has dozens of development, analyst, managerial and even trainer jobs available. In fact, it looks like they are recruiting a whole other team to help with their rapid expansion. This personal loans company has been featured on big news channels, such as CNBC, as well as in newspapers such as the Financial Times. They are growing at a lightening rate and clearly need a lot of staff to help them cope with demand. Check out their website for details of all their current job vacancies and be part of this prospering startup.

15. GATR Technologies

This startup was founded in 2004 with a grand vision; to manufacture deployable inflatable satellite communication terminals, creating a product that is ideal for ‘first-in deployments’ and remote applications. They have since worked with US and foreign military intelligence departments, homeland security and many other non-government organizations. They are currently looking for a Software Design Engineer which is perfect for those who want to learn more about this fascinating technology. Not qualified? Don’t worry, they’re also recruiting a warehouse technician in Huntsville, AL. Imagine working for a company that designs and manufactures technology for the military and homeland security!

16. InTouch Technologies

InTouch Health, owned by InTouch Technologies, is the leader in robotic telepresence solutions for healthcare. This rapidly expanding startup provides clinical solutions for urgent care, long-term care, intensive care and even for the emergency room. Their technology is literally saving lives, which is good a reason as any to join their company. This remote presence solution ensures that experts can see a patient, much quicker than typical waiting times. There are plenty of job roles on offer currently, including regional account managers, interns, buyers and engineers. Many of these roles are based in California, although some are in Texas and Carolinas.

17. Living Social

If you haven’t heard of Living Social yet, then chances are you’ve not been living very social. This startup has boomed over the last year. Based in Washington DC, this website now has over 70 million members from around the world. The concept is simple; people can buy and sell, whilst also sharing the best things to do in the city. Local businesses get one of the best advertising platforms around, and local people get to socialize with one another. It’s an excellent combination of social media and advertising. They currently have dozens of jobs available, some of which allow you to work from home, so check out their website.

18. TheWrap

TheWrap is an online magazine, focusing on the latest Hollywood news and events. Based in Los Angeles, obviously, this website has become an extremely popular destination for those interested in all the latest goings on, in the world of Hollywood. They have grown so rapidly, recently, that they’re looking to expand their team even more. Opportunities include a Film Biz Reporter, News Editor, Deputy Managing Editor, Blogger/Reporter and several internships. If you want a real ‘LA’ job, then apply to this startup. They’re open to applications from people of all walks of life and backgrounds, which is refreshing, too.

19. TrackMaven

This buzzing and exciting new startup is dedicated to making the lives of marketers easier and more productive, with plenty of tools to help them on their way. They have an excellent work ethos and seem like a really cool company to be employed by, believing that their great product is only as good as the people behind it. All of their employees are called ‘Mavens’, so don’t be surprised to see job roles such as Office Maven and Customer Success Maven. If you want a quirky company to suit your quirky attitude, then TrackMaven is the startup for you.

20. Main Street Hub

There’s plenty of startups trying to break into local businesses, but Main Street Hub are one of the best. By managing small businesses social media and helping them with their marketing efforts, they’ve become a big name already in their 4 years of operation. They’re certainly looking to grow bigger than ever, by recruiting plenty of new sales people to work across the US. They currently have sales positions in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin and San Francisco; giving people plenty of opportunity to work with this impressive startup. If you have a passion for selling, check these guys out.

21. Zillow

Zillow want to make things simple when it comes to buying homes, real estate and getting a mortgage. Their marketplace compares prices and information of houses to buy and rent across the US, and they’re making huge waves in their industry. They want to make ‘zillions’ of data points accessible to everyone, about the homes available in their area. They also know that homes are more than data, which is why they have a more human approach to real estate. Right now they’re recruiting for dozens of new positions in Seattle, New York and San Francisco (to name a few).


22. RingCentral

You may have heard of cloud computer systems, but have you ever heard of an all-inclusive cloud phone system? That’s exactly what RingCentral have created and it has proven to be an extremely popular startup idea. Making business communication easier is the goal of this company, which they have achieved through voice, text, conferencing and HD video meetings; all stored in a cloud-based server. This company is just going to grow and grow, so it’s a good opportunity to get in there now. They have dozens of job opportunities in locations all over the US, so check out their website.

23.  Gemvara

Got a passion for jewelry? Then you’re going to absolutely love this startup, which focuses on how fine jewelry is discovered, designed and crafted. This e-commerce site has managed to beat much of the competition, in a fairly crowded industry, in order to become a well recognized brand already. Customers can design their own jewelry and have it designed by Gemvara, or opt for something already made. They are currently recruiting for a Retention Marketing Analyst and Software Engineer, based in Boston. We’d suggest getting your resume over quick, before somebody else snaps up the perfect job at this awesome startup!

24. CafeMom

Last up, another media startup which people will surely be desperate to work for. CafeMom is a meeting place for moms, complete with articles, advice, videos, groups, and their popular blog ‘The Stir’. It is The Stir that seems to be recruiting the most new employees, with writers and editors being sought out on a freelance and fully employed basis. They is also QA Analyst and Research Manager roles available for the CafeMom brand itself. This is an excellent startup to work for, based in New York, so get that resume sent over right away (I would, if only I lived in New York).