Twitter May Soon Allow Tweets Of Up To 10,000 Characters

Watch out social media! Twitter will soon give us the option of writing longer tweets. The traditional 140-characer limit has long been a challenge for many and it appears that the company is considering a new, 10,000 character limit. This isn’t a total surprise since that’s the limit in place for the company’s own Direct Messages.


While there’s no official launch date as yet, sources say that this expanded character limit could be coming as soon as the end of Q1. Twitter users may have already noticed a variation of this new product which features a call to action button at the end of a tweet, allowing additional information to be presented beyond the current character limit.

How Twitter eventually incorporates the feature remains to be seen. Previous attempts to lengthen tweets have resulted in less engagement. In today’s fast-paced world there is so much loud information competing for attention. One of Twitter’s unique selling points is the 140-character limit, which shows how keen CEO Jack Dorsey is to engage new users.

Such plans have seemingly been in the works for some time, with sites such as re/code reporting on this issue back in September, 2015.