US has agreed to protect Japan from Cyber Attacks


According to Reuters, the US government have agreed to let Japan in under their cyber defense umbrella. In an effort to protect a powerful ally from the growing risk of cyber-attacks against critical services, infrastructure and military buildings. America and Japan released a joint statement, speaking of their new plans which are likely to be due to the fear of potential attacks from places such as North Korea and China.

With the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan, they have been quickly trying to catch up in the world of cyber defense. Luckily for them, the United States have come to their aid. Of course, there are benefits for the US as well, with their biggest Asian military contingent being in Japan. There are only 90 members of the military’s cyber defense unit in Japan, which is a tiny fraction of the 6,000 held in the US Pentagon alone. Japan has seen a huge rise in cyber-attacks recently, with potential assaults on their government websites being detected every few seconds.

It is thought that this pairing could ensure the safety of infrastructure and military buildings from potential cyber attacks, and therefore strengthen Japan’s overall defense.