Why Do We Often Feel Like Everyone is Staring at Us?

You have inevitably felt at some point or another that people are starting at you. And although a myriad of conclusions probably went through your mind, you also definitely never figured out why exactly. Unless, of course, you noticed your fly was open after.

Well, for one, if there is something off about your appearance then people are indeed more likely to stare at you. People are seriously drawn in by anything that looks off, it grabs their attention and makes them go crazy.  This has nothing to do with your actual traits such as being fat, skinny, short, or tall. It’s more about the way you dress and hold yourself. If you appear to be completely careless about your appearance, you will often get stared at, unfortunately. If you do not look in the mirror before you go out, people will notice and will stare in a somewhat state of shock that someone could possibly be alright with this.  So if you are self-conscious of the stares you’ve been getting, you might want to put some more thought into how you present yourself, and really take a look in the mirror.

Another reason you might be getting stared at is simply because of the message you are giving off. Being stared at is common within people who tend feel nervous in social settings. Perhaps you have social phobia and you have a scared, uncomfortable look on your face. This look will grab people’s attention because it is something that is out of the ordinary, and they do not know why you look like you just saw a ghost, when they have seen no signs of one nearby. Once you realize others are staring at you, it can make you feel even self-conscious and more anxious, and therefore come off as even more scared. It’s a seriously vicious cycle.  And the only way to really deal with this is to face your social anxiety.

An additional possibility about why people are staring at you is because you’ve created that belief in your head. Often times people aren’t really starting at you, or not any more than they do at anyone else, since everyones get glanced at, but your mind for some reason creates this paranoia that people always stare at you.  In such cases, staring makes you feel very uneasy and you remember the staring very clearly and traumatically. This makes your mind go crazy and believe that people stare at you all the time, although in reality this is not actual fact. This can be solved by paying more attention to the situations and by trying to more accurately interpret the looks.